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Konecranes ECH_ LCT_Working Machines
I returned from a Togo and Ghana trip a month or so back; two clients sent me there on a multi-level content creation and capture project.
The first stage required a three-day trip to Lome, the capital of Togo, to chat with an important customer for Konecranes – Lome Container Terminal – for a feature article in the Konecranes Way Up Magazine. We requested three days on site, and although the client balked initially we were determined to get very good photographs, and knew (from a previous trip) that the balmy tropics seldom offer up the crisp light great images require. Meaning small windows of light at dawn and sunset.
RTG_LCT_Working Machine_Night
My argument to the client was that the easier images become to take these days the more marketers have to focus on cutting through the cell phone image clutter with shots that sing. Marketing content – for better or worse – must have quality images that arrest and slow potential readers who are generally surfing the web at a million miles an hour.
Togo LCT_Empty Container Handler

Clients – especially in my experience those in the B2B market – want the images to portray the benefits of the product, regardless of the images’ resolution or clarity – its my job to keep pushing for images that make the brand,as well as the product, shine. I hope you agree that the early mornings and extra time spent on the shots – props to Lyndon Skibbe of Gleam Studio – were well worthwhile.