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Corporate Website: Paterson Simons

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Paterson Simons is a heavy-lift machinery dealer in West Africa. Their primary strength is their ability to provide expert engineers throughout West Africa to service and maintain the equipment. The restructure, design and all-new content development of the new Paterson Simon’s website started with a desire to move the website away from a “catalog of machines” (something the manufacturers already do brilliantly) towards content that was a lot more region, project, customer and service specific. .

About Project

Working closely with web development company BNRY, developed the creative direction and content for the new site, as well as being responsible for all ongoing updates and uploads. Combined with a clean and easy-to-read newsletter we feel we have achieved our goal of making the company a lot more relevant in the lives of its customers on a day-to-day level, further increasing our brand strengths of being regional, on the ground experts. .