Trade Presenter

Book: Genacol

Print & Brochures

A trade presenter is a sales tool used to motivate the trade to stock and/or recommend a new product. Genacol was a collagen supplement, new on the market, that addressed among other things arthritic and muscular pain. This  trade presenter was written and designed to not only help GPs understand the benefits,

but also to clearly communicate them to patients. For instance we designed the book with perforated info cards at the back as take-aways for patients. The hardboard cover enabled the GPs to prop the book up on their desks to better explain to patients sitting across from them

About Project

Collagen supplements were a new arrival in South Africa and as a creative team we had to submerse ourselves in the product – even to the point of taking the supplement. We began to understand that GPs may not always have the every-day language, or time, to communicate new concepts to patients. The high-quality production values, and ease-of-use made the trade presenter popular to the point of being requested.